Jerrys Take on Daiwa BG 2500

Jerry’s take-
I decided to try out the Daiwa BG 2500 last year because we were getting so many compliments on them at the store. So I bought one and spooled it up with 15# braid. The first thing I noticed was how incredibly smooth this reel was. For a 100$ class reel it was extremely smooth, But I’m always skeptical about how smooth a reel is in the store when it’s new and how it translates to the pressure of a fish and longevity which is why I was more excited about putting the reel to the true test and that was how it performs catching fish. My first day on the water with the reel I targeted red drum with top water plugs. Everything was great, the casting was great, it was very smooth while working the top water plug. Fish hooked up and to my surprise, smooth cranking, smooth drag, everything feels like you are using a reel twice the price range. That day changed my outlook on Daiwa reels, I was very impressed but I didn’t want to completely praise this reel until I seen how it done against a reels worst enemy- Kayak Guide Clients. Well after months of use and a considerable amount of dunks in Saltwater I can honestly say this reel looks and performs just like it did when I bought it. This reel is a little heavy being aluminum body but the strength it brings makes it a issue I don’t mind. Also Daiwa’s reels run a little big compared to most brands so if you are looking to compare your current reel you may need to come in the shop and put your hands on one. Overall I would highly recommend this reel to anyone, and I have bought a few more for myself to add to my Guiding arsenal. Come check them out at the store to learn more details and to feel them for yourself.

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