May 30th report


Where to find them- Struggle is still real. Scattered fish are starting to pop up in the marshes. If you can find live mullet or mehanden they tend to be producing more fish/ quality fish when combined with a Carolina rig.

Live bait- Mullet

Frozen- Frozen mullet from Cape Point baits on a Carolina Rig. ( iright now though the small blues and pinfish are taking the bait before the reds can get to it)

Check out this link for making a Carolina Rigs-

Artificial- Over the weekend, in the mid day, the Z Mann Spinner baits produced a few fish.


Where to find them- Bigger fish are being found around docks in the waterway.

Live bait- mudminnow on carolina rig

Frozen- Strips of Squid on a Buck Tail jigged slowly also works well.

Artificial- Bucktail, Pearl WHite, Gulp shrimp, and Z man jerk shads



Where to find them- Bridges are probably the best place. Our favorite is the Small Bridge in Swansboro. .

Live bait- Fiddler crabs


spoons and gotcha plugs have been leading to keeper fish during the rising tide at the Swansboro Bridge, look for the bait balls. ( NO THIS IS NOT A JOKE)

May 13th 2019


Where to find them- This weekends tournament gave us a chance to see and hear about where most fish were being caught. It was a struggle for most anglers to find them ( in fact only 7 out of 50 did) but most of the ones that were found came from the mashes in the White Oak River!

Live bait- Mullet or Mud Minnows

Frozen- Frozen mullet from Cape Point baits on a Carolina Rig.  Check out this link for making a Carolina Rigs-

Artificial- Z man jerk shads with weedless hooks and 4 inch pearl white shrimp by berkely gulp


Where to find them- The anglers who were not catching redfish were all getting small flounder with a few keepers mixed in. Located in the marshes down the waterway and in queens creek.

Live bait- mudminnow on carolina rig

Frozen- Strips of Squid on a Buck Tail jigged slowly also works well.

Artificial- Bucktail, Pearl WHite, Gulp shrimp, and Z man jerk shads


Where to find them- Bridges are probably the best place. Our favorite is the Small Bridge in Swansboro. Good numbers have been caught the past couple of weeks.

Live bait- Fiddler crabs

2019 is here and the fish are bitiing!


Right now fish are still schooled up. Search around the marshes behind bear island! Shallow flats will be ideal spots for schools. Queens and Beer creek have also been producing quality slot reds

Frozen- Frozen mullet from Cape Point baits on a Carolina Rig. 

Artificial- weedless weedless weedless. other than that bring an a variety of soft plastics to toss at the schools. Fish the outer edges of the school to keep the fish from spooking so bad.


Where to find them- up queens and in the new river.

Artificial- mirrolures, Z man Trout tricks, and on the fly.

In the Surf

Puffer fish galore, bottom rigs with shrimp and such have been catching them, along with some sea mullet.

August 7th


Where to find them- Shop Guide Jerry Burns had good luck fishing the marshes across form “red barn” otherwise known as shell rock landing.

Live bait- Mullet or Mud Minnows

Frozen- He was using Frozen mullet from Cape Point baits on a Carolina Rig.  Check out this link for making a Carolina Rigs-

Artificial- He also caught the early that morning on a Skitter Walk- 808


Where to find them- The Docks in the waterway have still be producing good quality fish.

Live bait- I prefer a mudminnow, but live shrimp, or mullet will also work.  Carolina Rig Slowey

Frozen- Strips of Squid on a Buck Tail jigged slowly also works well.

Artificial- Bucktail, Pearl WHite


Where to find them-  Just wait till the fall.

Live bait-




Where to find them- Bridges are probably the best place. Our favorite is the Small Bridge in Swansboro

Live bait- Fiddler grabs

Frozen- Sea Urchin or clams (does not stay on the hook that well but does work)

Artificial- Coco the crab

Black drum

Where to find them- Deep Holes

Live bait- shrimp

Frozen- shrimp

Artificial- Fish Bites- Shrimp Flavor

Bottom fishing inshore

What is biting? Larger Croaker have been caught this week on fishbites at the mouth of west channel.





Summertime fishing July 17th


Where to find them-  In the marshes and bays around the White Oak River, Bear Island, and the EI Bridge

Live bait- Mullet on a Carolina Rig like those made by Hawk Line Tackle - Fish these 1-4 feet off the bank, let them sit and the fish come to you.

Frozen- Whole mullet from Cape Point Bait company. Fish the same as the ones above, dont check or touch unless you think the bait is gone. Other than that leave it alone and wait for that big red.

Artificial- 4 inch Berkley Gulp Shrimp ( pearl white) or Berkley swimming mullet.  on a Blue Water Candy Jig Head- Pound the banks and marshes, slow retrieve and jigging of the shrimp, faster retrieve of the swimming mullet. 


Where to find them- Off the points of Creeks in the marshes, the inlet, or around docks in the ICW. Westchannel has been a hot spot right now.

Live bait- Shrimp or mud minnows on a Carolina rig. You can drift the inlet, or slowly retrieve these down the docks in the waterway. 

Frozen- Strips of Squid or whole mullet.

Artificial- Jerk shads form Z-mann, Curly Tails from Fathom, or any shrimp imitation baits. Mullet or Shrimp Procure on your baits can increase your odds. 


Where to find them-  Scattered

Live bait- Shrimp or Mud minnows.

Artificial-  Trout tricks, hard baits.


Where to find them- around bridge pilings.

Live bait- Fiddler Crabs on a a drop shot rig or Carolina

Artificial-  Coco the Grab by Wesitin. Jigged vertically.

Black drum

Where to find them-  Deep holes, around docks or bridges.

Live bait- Live shrimp.

Frozen- Shrimp on a bottom rig

Bottom fishing inshore

What is biting? There have been some Croaker and Spots caught at the fishing pier in Swansboro

On what? Frozen shrimp and squid.


What is biting? Spanish, few kings, and blue.



Bring the Heat!!!

Warmer weather is finally here! While we might see some cooler days mixed in the bunch, anglers can stately expect to see days in the high 60’s and low 70’s consistently, with a few days even touching 80. This also means that our water temp is going to start seeing an increase. With the water warming up anglers will start to see more baitfish in the water which will give easier access to bait and fish willing to eat.

Red Drum - Redfishing is the name of the game right now. Anglers are still connecting to reds in the surf on large Carolina Rigs with cut baits, bucktails with GULP!, and heavier jig heads tipped with an anglers choice of favorite soft plastic. The bulk of the redfish in the past week have all been caught in the marshes behind the barrier islands. The fish in the marsh are schooling fish, and are usually willing to eat as long as anglers can get set up on fish without spooking them. Zoom Super Flukes and Gulp Jerk shads are the most popular artificial baits amongst the reds. When you find yourself on some spooked fish it pays to always bring a little bit of cut and live bait with you. While redfish might get spooked to artificial baits, it’s not often a redfish will turn down a Carolina rigged mullet or a live mud minnow under a cork. If you do find yourself on a group of fish that are eating well, it never hurts to keep a topwater bait readily available.

Flounder - Flounder are starting to show up in the same marsh areas that anglers are finding reds. As the water temps rise, so will the numbers of flounder in the area. White Gulp! Shrimp and jerkshad makes are solid choices for flounder.

Black Drum - Starting to pop up in their usual and random areas. Bigger fish will hit artificial baits and all sized fish will stay after bait shrimp on scaled down Carolina rigs.

Sea Mullet - Sea Mullet are being caught on the beach front, piers, and waterways. Bait shrimp and fish bites are the most productive baits.

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March 31

Easter usually brings the first signs of the spring season, the same rings true for spring fishing. Our water temps will gradually start to rise, fluctuating up and down slightly depending on our roller coaster air temps. The higher the temps rise, the more bait and activity we will start seeing, starting the chain that will bring in the species that will make spring Fishing fun!

Redfish - Red Drum are schooled up in the marshes behind our barrier islands (Bogue Banks, Bear Island, Brown’s Island) in large groups. The fish schooled up are usually willing to chow down as long as anglers can get set up on them properly and not put too much pressure on the fish. Zoom Super Flukes, Zman Paddlerz, and GULP! Jerk Shads have been the favorites of schooling fish. For non-scented baits it is always a must that you add some sort of bait scent to your lures. Pro-Cure Bait Scents in blue crab, shedder crab, and inshore saltwater are all favorites of the fish. A large number of anglers are finding large numbers of fish in mainland creeks in the area. Fish are connecting to Carolina rigs tipped with chunks of mullet and bait shrimp. When anglers are finding themselves on a slow bite, floating live mud minnows under slip corks add a little extra flare to tempt the fish.

Speckled Trout - Speckled trout are being caught around the oyster rocks in the white oak river. 17MR & 18MR Mirrolures are favorites of the Speckled bellies. They also can’t get enough of a Golden Bream Zoom Salty Super Fluke. If anglers are luck enough this time of year to find themselves on a warm warning with little wind, a chartreuse Heddon Super Spook JR might even deliver them a trophy topwater trout.

Flounder -  Every single day we move close to warmer weather, our inshore flounder Fishing gets just a little better. Anglers are currently reporting keeping sized grounder being caught in many of the same places that red drum are being caught, on most of the same baits. Our in house flounder gigging captain will begin making trips this week with a more area-derailed report of the fish to follow.

Black Drum - Black Drum are being caught in the same mainland creeks that anglers are catching Puppy Drum in. Bait shrimp bring sunk in bottom rigs and scaled down Carolina rigs is the beast sure fire bait for the striped fish.

Pogie’s Fishing Center in Historic Downtown Swansboro has all your live, frozen, artificial baits, as well as all the gear you will need to make this spring fishing season a memorable and successful one!

Capt. Matthew Littleton


March 3

Now that the winds have finally laid back down to their usual late winter/early spring patterns, finding days to get out and hooked up will be more readily available. The fishing has remained much the same as it was last week, but anglers can expect much more consistency on their day to day fishing tactics with the weather seeming to plane off for a while. 

Redfish - Schools of reds are still being found in the marshes behind the barrier islands. Stealth approach and a good weedless bait have been the tools of success for anglers. GULP! 5” Jerkshads, Zoom Salty Super Flukes, and Z-Man Paddlerz covered with Pro-Cure bait scent are all perfect pairs for these fish. Anglers have also been connecting with puppy drum in the mainland creeks around the area. These fish are in a large range of size from rat reds all the way to upper slot. Small Carolina rigs with cut baits are the ticket for these fish. Anglers have been in the shop reporting good numbers of fish still hanging out on Bear Island and Bogue Banks. Anglers have been using cut mullet on beefed up Carolina Rigs and the same soft plastics mentioned above on heavier jig heads.  

Black Drum - The same mainland creeks that are holding the variety of redfish are producing large numbers of black drum. The black drum are hitting the same scales down Carolina and bottom rigs. Cut shrimp is a solid choice that is hard for the fish to turn down. Some anglers are even connecting in deep holes in the marsh using bait shrimp on the same rigs.

Trout - The Spring trout push has remained fairly steady over the past week. Oyster rocks in the White Oak, and the creeks of New River are producing decent mid sized fish on mirrolure 17MR, storm shrimp, and Halo Shad. If anglers can catch the early bite or an overcast day, a chartreuse Heddon Super Spook JR will produce the elusive top water trout. Anglers should remember that Speckled Trout are illegal to possess or transport until June 15, 2018.

Pogies Fishing Center in Historic Downtown Swansboro has all your Fishing needs this spring to ensure you make yourself the best angler that you can.

Jan 28th-

With the trout fishery being closed because of the most recent freeze most are looking towards Reds to fill their fishing needs. That is what we will be focusing on in today's report.  To start out with the tides are low, actually they are super low. Anglers in boats should seek the highest point of the tide to head out for reds. If your going via kayak higher points of the tide are highly recommend but not as essential as for boaters. As always the marshes behind Bear Island are holding good schools of fish this time of year. Searching the bays off the main channels are showing promising results. On calm days you can also head out the inlet and patrol down the island searching for schools in the surf. They have been spotted from Bear inlet all the way to the Pier. Fishing inside for them weedless rigs are gonna be key. Pair them with your favorite soft plastic and you should be in luck.  Zman Paddlerz with a little Pro Cure tend to work for us. 

Caught with Capt. Matt Littleton

Caught with Capt. Matt Littleton

January 2018 Freezing & Fishing Report

Well, I wish we could say that we are off to a good start in 2018. We as people can control almost everything, but a few things are out of that realm, including Mother Nature. From New Years Day to the following Wednesday we saw near record low temperatures that dropped the water temp in our area down to almost freezing temps, with areas of the marsh, White Oak River, and local creeks starting to show bits of ice on them. By Wednesday Jan 3rd, Speckled Trout were already starting to show up dead and stunned in the White Oak in rather alarming numbers. And then came the snow. With areas here on the coast picking up 3"-6" of snow, followed by 4 days of temperatures well below the freezing line, no one was sure what was going to happen with our fishery. This past Monday through Wednesday when some anglers were able to get out and do some recon to asses the state of the fishery, and it hasn't been very pretty sight. Red Drum, Black Drum, Flounder, and Speckled Trout were littered everywhere. A lot of red drum did manage to find their way to the surf and avoid the freeze. The Department of Marine Fisheries has closed the harvest of Speckled Trout from January 5th to June 15th of this year. This means that commercially and recreationally it is illegal to transport or be found in possession of the specks within that time frame. You can still target the fish hook and line, in a catch and release capacity only. That being said and keeping into consideration the number of fish killed from this recent freeze, it is paramount that we all practice the best and safest fishing methods in the upcoming year. The best way to help our fishery recover from the wrath of mother nature is to be the best angler you can be. Practice good habits. This means anglers may want to consider taking extra care when handling fish, using circle hooks whenever possible, practicing catch and release, and not upgrading fish on a long day of catching. We might not be able to control the weather, but we can control what each of us does every time we decide to put our fishing caps on and step on the boat or bank.

Redfish - With water temps in the marsh barley breaking the mid 40's, and another bout of cold weather predicted for the upcoming week, anglers are going to want to look to the surf zone for their reds. Anglers have been connecting to reds everywhere from the Bogue Inlet Pier to Onslow Beach. The reds will be sitting in the rollers and in sloughs across the beaches in tight schools. Anglers will be looking to use heavier lead heads in the 1/4-1/2oz range to try and make long casts to meet the fish. Zoom, GULP!, and Z-Man baits are all winners, especially with Pro-Cure Bait Scents added to help the fish eat.

Black Drum - It is hard to say what the Black Drum bite will look like until we get a little further past this cold weather. Anglers should be looking in deep holes near the marshes and places that have heavy current over the next two weeks using small carolina and bottom rigs with small circle hooks as their rigs. Frozen shrimp will be the meal of choice for the black drum left in the area.

Hopefully after this next snap of cold we can start working to get back in the swing of it all. Keep tabs on the Pogie's Fishing Center FaceBook Page for the most recent updates. Also be Sure to stop by Pogie's Fishing Center in Downtown Swansboro to talk to our experienced staff and for the most current updates about the local fishery.