Let us plan your day on the water

At Pogie's you can find a variety of guided and unguided trips to book. Whether by boat or kayak, YOU go can on nature tours, fishing trips, island exploration, or self guided paddle trips.  Take a look below to find prices and info on specific excursions and when you are ready to book a trip give us a call at- (910) 325-7876


Fishing Charters/ Cruises

Here at Pogies we have teamed up with some of the best Captains in the industry to provide you with a once in a life time fishing experience. Whether you are looking to stalk the flats for Redfish or Troll offshore for a king we have someone for you.    Maybe fishing isn't your thing, that is okay too, we can also set you on dolphin tours, island hoping, waterway cruising, or anything to do with the water really. So just give us a call and let us plan your day on the water. 

Fishing Charter Prices


$100 an hour

Cruises -

$100 an hour

Call 910-325-7876 to book





$10 an hour per person

                FISHING TRIP- $200 first person


$100 for each additional



Call 910-325-7876 to book

 check out our group paddles here.



RENTAL PRICES:(per boat)

First off, we charge by the boat, not by the person. The prices are as follows-
if it-
paddles- $8 hour / $25 half day/ $40 full day
fishes - $10 hour/ $35 half day/ $50 full day
pedals. - $12 hour/ $45 half day/ $60 full day

Half day=4 hours
Full day= 10 hours

These trips are truly your trips;  we give you a map, suggestions, and then off you go, exploring nature at its finest.

Beginner? Don't worry, we will give you a crash course on kayaking and will launch you into a (generally) friendly & easy to handle area.   

Call 910-325-7876 to book

paddle map.jpg

In the map to the left we have highlighted some of the most popular paddle treks from the shop.

Red Line- This is our shortest trek to the protected sand bars and marshes around Pelican island ( the flag Island )
Skill Level- Beginner
Paddle Time- 5-10mins

Pink Line- This paddle will lead to some of the protected estuaries in the White Oak River. On lower tides between the bridges you can find large sand flats and calm shallow tidal pools ready to explore.
Skill Level- Beginner
Paddle Time- 10-15min

Dark Blue Line- This island once had some people living on it, now abandoned, it's a great place to explore/ possibly carry a trash bag and help us get it cleaned back up. This route will also take you down the Historic Swansboro Waterfront.
Skill level- Beginner
Paddle Time- 15-25min

Green Line- When weather is good this is probably our most paddled route. It will take you out to Jones Island. The two points we have you landing are both awesome little beaches. The one in the bottom left of the map is what we call the "Swimming hole".
Skill level- Beginner- intermediate ( depending on weather/tides )
Paddle time- 20-30min

Teal Line- Here you will find a protected bay in front of Huggins Island and a endless supply of marshes to explore. Huggins island used to be home to a confederate battery and it is home to a maritime swamp forest ( which is listed as globally rare )
Skill level- Beginner-Intermediate ( depending on weather and tides)
Paddle time- 15-30min

Purple line- SHELLING AND SHARKS TEETH ABUNDANT, any of the many fingers off of this trek are likely to lead you to sharks teeth and shells.
skill level- Beginner to intermediate- ( Depending of weather and tides)
Paddle times-15-40min depending on how far down the line you go

Orange line- Bear island and sandy beaches, this is our longest trek and we recommend planning this to coincide with the tides ( we can help you with that). The beaches here tend to be less crowded and the shelling is awesome.
skill level- Intermediate-advanced ( depending on tides and weather)
Paddle time- 1.5-2.5 hours.