Ethan johnson

A transplant who has been traveling down here his whole life. Made the move three years ago and opened up Pogies. Summertime fishing for reds is what he loves. He also makes for a great ECO tour guide. His favorite place is white oak river trips. Best done in the fall and spring.



Swansboro Native, Long time Kayak angler, and somewhat of a legend around these parts.


Andy Bean

He loves stealing our spots, but he is a great fisherman who is sure to keep you on the fish and catching. Andy also makes a great instructor, teaching you the basics of paddling and kayaking safety in one on one classes.


Laini Jo Hicks

Laini ( Ethans other half ) Is your eco tour queen. Whether its hunting for sharks teeth out on the islands or just paddling down the waterway catching the rays, she’s your gal.