Pogie's Day Camp



Ages (7-16)

Saturday and Sunday (Drop off-8am-9am Pick Up 5pm-6pm)

Let your Camper earn their Pogie's Waterman Certification!


  • Full Camp-18 days- $800 (enrollment begins April 1st)
  • Half Camp-9 days- $500 ( enrollment begins May 1st)
  • Day Camp- Daily - $60 (enrollment begins based on avaibility after full and have camp enrollment closes.)
  • Discount for Multi Kid Enrollment

Sign Up here-http://www.pogiesfishing.com/sign-your-kid-up-here/

A day in the life of a camper at Pogie's Day Camp encompasses all the skills needed to have a fun and successful time exploring the inshore waters of Eastern North Carolina. Beginning on the tranquil waters of White Oak River, and eventually working towards a full day trip on the ICW to Hammocks Beach State Park at Bear Island. Campers will progress through a series of kayaking skills working towards their completion of their Pogie's Waterman Certification. Some examples of kayaking skills campers will learn is: kayak maintenance, paddling techniques, water safety,  and trip preparation.

- Beyond the Paddle -

  • Environmental and Ecological skills - In conjunction with the camp's philosophy of "Leave No Trace," NC State Park Rangers will also be dedicating their time to help out campers during their time here. Some examples of ecological skills campers will learn about are erosion control, wildlife/habitat awareness, and sustainability in the marine ecosystem. Campers will also participate in day trip to Bear Island where they will assist Park Rangers in activities such as planting sea oats and restoring dunes for erosion control.
  • Along their journey, Campers will be exposed to various fishing skills, including but not limited to: knot tying, gear prep, fish identification, catch and release techniques and scouting. By the end of their Pogie's Camp experience, Campers will feel confident enough in their skill set to catch fish on their own.  They wil even participate in the Pogie's Kids Pinfish Tournament!
  • Campers will NOT be pushed passed their comfort zone. All Campers will be respected and learn at their own pace. Throughout the day, campers will also have the opportunity to "stretch" their legs with daily time set aside for alternative/rainy day activities. Some of these activities include, shell/shark tooth searching, NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores, pool day at Cape Carteret Aquatic Center and a day at Altitude Trampoline Park.

- For the Parents -

Pogie's is dedicated to making sure your camper has a safe experience while having a blast. At the beginning of every day, campers will be assigned a partner and then assigned to a tandem Riviera Kayak to maneuver with their partner. This will not only ensure every camper has a partner to help them paddle, but also helps in case of any emergency situations. Campers daily activities will also be documented through social media that will be available for viewing through our website. Acquiring skills and having fun while doing it is important, the safety of each camper is paramount and takes precedence over everything.

-Links For the Parents-

- Enrollment -

  • Pogie's Day Camp is open to all skill levels. If parity begins to become an issue, campers will be reassigned until all boats in the program have a comparable skill level (ie, pairing a new paddler with an experience paddler)
  • Full & Half Campers have the added benefits of:
  • Guaranteed spot at Pin Fish Tourney* & PaddlePalooza
  • Day Trip to Bear Island
  • All Alternative Activities
  • *Includes kayak for use in Pin Fish Tourney
  • Parents Enjoy 15% off at the store


  • Daily Campers:
  • Enrollment will be open to Daily campers once Full and Half camp enrollment is closed
  • Alternative Activities on the day they attend

At Pogie's Day Camp we live by the words:

Courage. Commitment. Compassion.