March 3

Now that the winds have finally laid back down to their usual late winter/early spring patterns, finding days to get out and hooked up will be more readily available. The fishing has remained much the same as it was last week, but anglers can expect much more consistency on their day to day fishing tactics with the weather seeming to plane off for a while. 

Redfish - Schools of reds are still being found in the marshes behind the barrier islands. Stealth approach and a good weedless bait have been the tools of success for anglers. GULP! 5” Jerkshads, Zoom Salty Super Flukes, and Z-Man Paddlerz covered with Pro-Cure bait scent are all perfect pairs for these fish. Anglers have also been connecting with puppy drum in the mainland creeks around the area. These fish are in a large range of size from rat reds all the way to upper slot. Small Carolina rigs with cut baits are the ticket for these fish. Anglers have been in the shop reporting good numbers of fish still hanging out on Bear Island and Bogue Banks. Anglers have been using cut mullet on beefed up Carolina Rigs and the same soft plastics mentioned above on heavier jig heads.  

Black Drum - The same mainland creeks that are holding the variety of redfish are producing large numbers of black drum. The black drum are hitting the same scales down Carolina and bottom rigs. Cut shrimp is a solid choice that is hard for the fish to turn down. Some anglers are even connecting in deep holes in the marsh using bait shrimp on the same rigs.

Trout - The Spring trout push has remained fairly steady over the past week. Oyster rocks in the White Oak, and the creeks of New River are producing decent mid sized fish on mirrolure 17MR, storm shrimp, and Halo Shad. If anglers can catch the early bite or an overcast day, a chartreuse Heddon Super Spook JR will produce the elusive top water trout. Anglers should remember that Speckled Trout are illegal to possess or transport until June 15, 2018.

Pogies Fishing Center in Historic Downtown Swansboro has all your Fishing needs this spring to ensure you make yourself the best angler that you can.