Bring the Heat!!!

Warmer weather is finally here! While we might see some cooler days mixed in the bunch, anglers can stately expect to see days in the high 60’s and low 70’s consistently, with a few days even touching 80. This also means that our water temp is going to start seeing an increase. With the water warming up anglers will start to see more baitfish in the water which will give easier access to bait and fish willing to eat.

Red Drum - Redfishing is the name of the game right now. Anglers are still connecting to reds in the surf on large Carolina Rigs with cut baits, bucktails with GULP!, and heavier jig heads tipped with an anglers choice of favorite soft plastic. The bulk of the redfish in the past week have all been caught in the marshes behind the barrier islands. The fish in the marsh are schooling fish, and are usually willing to eat as long as anglers can get set up on fish without spooking them. Zoom Super Flukes and Gulp Jerk shads are the most popular artificial baits amongst the reds. When you find yourself on some spooked fish it pays to always bring a little bit of cut and live bait with you. While redfish might get spooked to artificial baits, it’s not often a redfish will turn down a Carolina rigged mullet or a live mud minnow under a cork. If you do find yourself on a group of fish that are eating well, it never hurts to keep a topwater bait readily available.

Flounder - Flounder are starting to show up in the same marsh areas that anglers are finding reds. As the water temps rise, so will the numbers of flounder in the area. White Gulp! Shrimp and jerkshad makes are solid choices for flounder.

Black Drum - Starting to pop up in their usual and random areas. Bigger fish will hit artificial baits and all sized fish will stay after bait shrimp on scaled down Carolina rigs.

Sea Mullet - Sea Mullet are being caught on the beach front, piers, and waterways. Bait shrimp and fish bites are the most productive baits.

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