Summertime fishing July 17th


Where to find them-  In the marshes and bays around the White Oak River, Bear Island, and the EI Bridge

Live bait- Mullet on a Carolina Rig like those made by Hawk Line Tackle - Fish these 1-4 feet off the bank, let them sit and the fish come to you.

Frozen- Whole mullet from Cape Point Bait company. Fish the same as the ones above, dont check or touch unless you think the bait is gone. Other than that leave it alone and wait for that big red.

Artificial- 4 inch Berkley Gulp Shrimp ( pearl white) or Berkley swimming mullet.  on a Blue Water Candy Jig Head- Pound the banks and marshes, slow retrieve and jigging of the shrimp, faster retrieve of the swimming mullet. 


Where to find them- Off the points of Creeks in the marshes, the inlet, or around docks in the ICW. Westchannel has been a hot spot right now.

Live bait- Shrimp or mud minnows on a Carolina rig. You can drift the inlet, or slowly retrieve these down the docks in the waterway. 

Frozen- Strips of Squid or whole mullet.

Artificial- Jerk shads form Z-mann, Curly Tails from Fathom, or any shrimp imitation baits. Mullet or Shrimp Procure on your baits can increase your odds. 


Where to find them-  Scattered

Live bait- Shrimp or Mud minnows.

Artificial-  Trout tricks, hard baits.


Where to find them- around bridge pilings.

Live bait- Fiddler Crabs on a a drop shot rig or Carolina

Artificial-  Coco the Grab by Wesitin. Jigged vertically.

Black drum

Where to find them-  Deep holes, around docks or bridges.

Live bait- Live shrimp.

Frozen- Shrimp on a bottom rig

Bottom fishing inshore

What is biting? There have been some Croaker and Spots caught at the fishing pier in Swansboro

On what? Frozen shrimp and squid.


What is biting? Spanish, few kings, and blue.