August 7th


Where to find them- Shop Guide Jerry Burns had good luck fishing the marshes across form “red barn” otherwise known as shell rock landing.

Live bait- Mullet or Mud Minnows

Frozen- He was using Frozen mullet from Cape Point baits on a Carolina Rig.  Check out this link for making a Carolina Rigs-

Artificial- He also caught the early that morning on a Skitter Walk- 808


Where to find them- The Docks in the waterway have still be producing good quality fish.

Live bait- I prefer a mudminnow, but live shrimp, or mullet will also work.  Carolina Rig Slowey

Frozen- Strips of Squid on a Buck Tail jigged slowly also works well.

Artificial- Bucktail, Pearl WHite


Where to find them-  Just wait till the fall.

Live bait-




Where to find them- Bridges are probably the best place. Our favorite is the Small Bridge in Swansboro

Live bait- Fiddler grabs

Frozen- Sea Urchin or clams (does not stay on the hook that well but does work)

Artificial- Coco the crab

Black drum

Where to find them- Deep Holes

Live bait- shrimp

Frozen- shrimp

Artificial- Fish Bites- Shrimp Flavor

Bottom fishing inshore

What is biting? Larger Croaker have been caught this week on fishbites at the mouth of west channel.