06/20/17 Fishing Report

Fish are out everywhere to be caught if you can get around the winds and low tides we have been experiencing.

Sheepshead are feeding heavily around the area bridges. If the bridges are crowded take a chance and hit some other random structures that are encrusted in barnacles. Live fiddler crabs remain as always the best bait for the zebra fish. Black drum are also being caught right along with the sheepshead using the same baits.

Every day that passes comes with a better and better flounder bite. Rising tides around ICW docks are a quick and easy way to pick up the flat fish. 4" pearl White GULP! Shrimp and 5" pink or white GULP! Jerk shads are the go to baits.

Red drum fishing remains great as we start heading into the heat of summer. With the schools of redfish in our areas all but broken up, anglers are finding the best redfish action in the marshes behind the barrier islands and in the sound on Carolina rigs with cut mullet and menhaden. On days calm enough, topwater lures have been producing good numbers of redfish in the same areas. The new Skitter V bait from Rapala has been the go-to lure for redfish this year. Gulp! Jerk shads and Gulp shrimp on 1/8 oz jig heads have been the best soft plastics for the spot tails.

Pogie's Fishing Center in Downtown Swansboro has all your live, frozen, and artificial bait needs to turn every fishing trip into a catching trip.

Capt. Matthew Littleton


Summer fishing is in full swing!

The flounder bite is heating up as much as every day is. Flounder are being found fishing structure like docks along the waterway, with a lot of them being picked up while fishing marshy areas and flats. The flattys are falling for just about any scented white or pink soft plastic. A GULP! 4" shrimp or jerkshad on a 3/16 oz jig head will help anglers connect.

Sheepshead fishing is in full swing. As always the zebra fish are suckers for a live fiddler crab on a drop shot rig or a modified Carolina rig. Anglers are hooking up to a good number of black drum while targeting the sheepshead. Bridges, dock pilings, and anywhere that has a large amount of barnacle growth are always the best areas to target.

Red drum are out in full force and ready to feed. Targeting marsh flats and oyster rocks will produce the most fish. Cut and live mullet fished on Carolina rigs are a tried and true method that never fails to find a redfish. Calm mornings are allowing anglers to pick up redfish on topwater, one of the most exciting methods to catch any fish! Other soft plastics like Gulp! Baits and Z-Man covered in Pro-Cure are catching good numbers of redfish as well.

Pogies Fishing Center in Downtown Swansboro has all the live, artificial, and frozen bait to make sure that your summer is going to be a fun one full of fish!

Capt. Matt Littleton

04/20/17 Fishing Report

It's been a little bit since we've updated everyone on the conditions out there, we do apologize for the delay, we've just been busy fishing!  The action around the area has been great lately, we still have large groups of redfish schooled up in the marsh and the speckled trout top water bite has been pretty darn good as of late.  We are also finding some Sheepshead showing up around the bridges and the Bluefish bite has just been on fire!  

There's still plenty of "snot" out in the water, so we are sticking with a weedless hook rigged with a soft plastic for the drum bite.  The Zman EZ Keeper hooks rigged with a Paddlerz or Jerk Shad has been the ticket.  Colors have ranged from White, Mulletron, Bad Shad and Shiner colors.  Topwater bite has been great on the new Rapala Skitter V which has a great rolling motion while being worked across the surface.  

We've had some great charters going out over the past few weeks with a mixed bag of fish.  Whether you're looking to stalk the marsh and sight cast to redfish or pound the bottom for the flounder bite, we've got you covered.  If you're interested in setting up a charter, we offer half, 3/4 day or full day trip either in a kayak or on a boat.  Come on by the shop and let our staff point you in the right direction for a great day on the water!

02/12/17 Fishing Report

As we move smoothly through the first few months of the the new year, 2017 has been good to inshore fisherman in the area.

The speckled trout bite has slowed down considerably. Trout can still be caught deep in creeks on 17MR Mirrolures and Zoom Salty Super Fluke jerk shads fished very slow.

Black drum of all sizes are also being caught in a lot of the same areas as the trout. Frozen bait shrimp on bottom or small Carolina rigs are a sure bet for the black drum.

Red drum are schooling throughout the marsh areas in the sound and off of the waterways. Once anglers locate the fish a Zoom Super Fluke, Z-Man paddlerz, or GULP! Jerk Shad will be the go to bait. Non scented baits should be smothered in Pro-Cure bait scents. It is important to fish weedless this time of year to avoid bottom moss and other winter growth accumulating and masking your bait. Gamakatsu's EWG weighted weedless, Z-Man EZ Keeperz, and Mustad PowerLock Plus hooks will all hell keep baits growth free and in good presentation.

Anglers remember to register for the Pogies Redfish Cup beginning on April 1st with the boat division followed by the Kayak division on April 2nd.

Pogies in Downtown Swansboro has all of the baits and gear you will need to make winter one of your most productive fishing seasons!

Capt. Matt Littleton
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12/28/16 Fishing Report

Despite the weather going up and down and left and right, the fishing has been staying phenomenal right now.  We are still seeing lots of trout being caught in many of the creeks around the area.  They're still hitting artificial baits such as Mirrolures, Egret Wedgetails and Z Man Trout Trick.  We've had most success using live mud minnows however.  We have plenty at the shop so come grab some if you need them!

Lots of drum are being found starting to school up in the marsh lately.  There's plenty of small-lower slot fish being found with a few larger drum here and there.  Things should heat up for the larger fish moving in here shortly as Winter continues on.  At high tide, target the grass line and keep your eyes peeled for any disturbances or "nervous water" to locate schools.  Fish may pull off the bank as the tide drops and hold out in a more open area where a deeper spot may be.  

The fish are happy and hungry so swing on by the shop and grab what you need for a day on the water!  

11/22/16 fishing report

November has held tight to the great fishing we saw last month. Fall fishing continues to be great no matter what you are targeting.

Speckled Trout have moved up river and into creeks in our area. Trout are loving live shrimp and other assorted live baits. Hard baits like Mirrolures in bright color patterns like Electric Chicken have been a favorite of the yellow mouths. While the numbers are not as impressive as they were at the beginning of the season, anglers are reporting larger fish on their trips as we get closer to Winter. Specks are still being caught around inlet areas on live and hard baits, like Mirrolures and live target shrimp, as well as soft plastics, including GULP!, Zman paddlerz, and Egret wedge tails.

As the water is cooling down black drum are starting to fill up the creeks with a lot of close to, and keeper size fish. The drum live bait shrimp in bottom rigs and are always fun to catch.

Spot fishing has remained decent through the fall. Anglers are reporting their best takes near deep drop offs in the waterway and other coastal channels, with the Emerald Isle bridge a constant favorite.

Pogies Fishing Center in Downtown Swansboro has all of your live, frozen, and artificial fishing needs to make every trip this fall a successful one! 


Capt. Matt Littleton

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10/26/16 fishing report

October 26, 2016 Fishing Report

Fishing hasn't slowed down one bit since Hurricane Matthew.

Trout fishing has been hot for the past 3 weeks and looks to be promising as we head into the cooler weeks of fall. Fish are still being caught in good numbers in the marsh and inlets, with a lot of large specks regularly mixed in the bags. Myself and many anglers I've talked to haven't found it uncommon to have a 3-4 pound trout picked up in each trip. Trout Eye Jig heads tipped with jerkshads and swimming baits in bronze and gold colors are producing the best artificial bite. On the live bait side it remains hard for a trout to turn down a live shrimp floated under a slip cork.

Red drum are being caught along the beaches, with that bite getting better as the water clears up and the water temp cooling off. Beach reds are falling for bucktails tipped with scented baits like Berkeley GULP! Or ZMAN Scented. Inside mid to lower slot reds are still feeding in the marshes, being caught in a lot of the same areas as the specks.

The spot bite has been increasing with each passing day. Ledges and drop offs in the ICW have been the favorite hangouts for spots. FishBites remain the best bait for spots and other bottom fish, fished on bottom rigs with enough weight to hold in the currents.

Pogies Fishing Center in Swansboro has everything you will need for all of your cut, artificial, and live bait needs to have successful trips this Fall

Capt. Matt Littleton
Friendly City Fishing Charters

Mid October Fishing Report 10/19/16


Fall Fishing is as good as it can be right now!

The speckled trout bite is one of the best I've personally experienced in a few years. Trout from 14"-20" are everywhere in the marsh right now and ready to eat. Anglers are hooking up to specks in deep hold and tide rips throughout the marshes around Swansboro area. Specks are eating everything right now. MR series Mirrolures, Berkley GULP! Baits, Z-Man Trout Trick, Egret wedge and paddle tails, and Zoom Salty Super Flukes are all creating hook ups for anglers. Live shrimp are always a solid choice for the trout as well, and are still being caught in creeks along the ICW and rivers.

Red drum of all sizes are scattered in the marsh and are falling for most of the same soft plastic artificials that the trout are. Schools of reds are starting to show up on the beaches of bear island and the few islands south of it, being caught in the surf zone on bucktails tipped with scented jerkshads.

Spots are starting to show up in large numbers in the ICW, as well as the deep channels near the inlets. Fishbites have been the clear front runner as favorite snacks for spots.

Pogies Fishing Center in Swansboro has all the tackle, gear, clothing, live and artificial baits to make every trip you take this fall a successful one!

Post Hurricane Matthew Report

With all uncertainty following Hurricane Matthew I've been happy to see the potential for poor fishing conditions haven't stopped anglers from getting back on the water. Although water levels around the Swansboro area are still high and the water is dirty, it has had little effect on the fishing. Red Drum are being caught scattered along the barrier islands and the marshes behind them. Smaller bucktails tipped with white and pink GULP! Jerkshads are the ticket along the beaches. Live or cut mullet are still the ticket on reds inside, with finger mullet schooling in areas near the inlets. The speckled trout bite has been red hot following Hurricane Matthew. Live shrimp floated under slip corks, DOA Shrimp, GULP! Jerkshads in pink and white colors and Z-Man Trout Trick have been the favorites of the yellow-mouths over the past week. As the weather cools off, Fall fishing will continue to heat up.

Pogies Fishing Center in Downtown Swansboro has all the artificial and live baits you will need to have successful and productive trips in the best fishing season of the year.

Captain Matthew Littleton